Current project:
   Costumer sales chat based on html
      (Ajax php and Perl based)
      To chat with each other:
         Use same email and password.
         Sales can react if available    
old projects
Note that java applets don't run anymore in modern browsers
   Java applets:
      intro applet for website Parker industries
      Download applet for out of service)
      korfbal applet for vcd (sponsoring project = game)
      Falling stars (game)

   Semi automatic ordering system for non online shop.
      (mysql, Perl bar-codes, html (=pre filled in paper ordering book))
   Plastic shop pricing labels for supermarkets
      (The first to introduce it made on an Atari 1024)
   Rebuilding Toolkit 6502 assembler to a macro assembler        
   Basic compiler (unfinished because of crashing development environment)
   Only a few not so interesting
   Made one on CD-rom for clients of a costumer   
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