Image Show 2.x
Created by RJHM van den Bergh
© 1999 , All Rights Reserved. or (my old home homepage)

What it does: It simply fades one picture to another. File descriptions: ImgShow.class = Java applet program with Netscape workarround so the demo runs from your local harddisk DON NOT place this on the internet !! Netclass/ImgShow.class = Java applet program without work arround place this on the internet !! ImgShow.jar = identical but specialy written for Netscape 4+ if you want better compatibility with older (Netscape) browsers. omit the archive part of the applet tags and don't upload the jar file. = identical but for Ms Explorer 3.01+ ImgShow.html = Demo html page Instructions.html = this instruction file *.jpg = Image files used by this applet (*.gif is also supported) How to use: Add the applet tags to your html page. Adjust the parameter tags. Adjust the height and width of the applet. Upload the html page to your providers server. Upload the , ImgShow.jar , and the used image files. Upload the ImgShow.class contained in the Netclass directory You must not use the other ImgShow.class file !! on the internet ALL files must be in the same directory. Note: All files except the html page must be uploaded as a binairy file to prefent file corruption!! So the structure on your providers server is: myDir | - myHTMLpage - ImgShow.class (the one thats in the Netclass directory in the zip file) | (that is the smallest of the two) - ImgShow.jar - - myImageFile1.jpg (or gif) - myImageFile2 - .... etceteras The applet tags: <APPLET CODE="ImgShow.class" WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="340"> This is the first applet tag. Width and height should be obvious. The code atribute only tells the browser the applet file. You can't set a path with the code attribute !! The files are expected to be all in the same directory ! <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#000000"> The background color of the applet. It is an RGB color notation. Don't forget the # sign !! The applet only understands the RGB color notation. It doesn't understand color names. The RGB color notation is also used by the bgcolor attribute in the <body> tag of an html page. So you can look this up in a good html book. <PARAM NAME="border_size" VALUE="20"> Plain simple the size of the border. You can set it to 0 if you don't want one. <PARAM NAME="border_outside_color" VALUE="#000000"> The outside color of the border. <PARAM NAME="border_inside_color" VALUE="#A0A0A0"> Same as above for the inside color of the border. <PARAM NAME="number_of_frames" VALUE="35"> Number of frames used to go from one picture to the next. Minimum value is 2. The higher the value the smoother the conversion goes. But the slower it is. <PARAM NAME="delay_between_frames" VALUE="100"> This is a delay time between each frame. The applets just waits some time before drawing the next frame. Also the applet should get some time to paint and create the next frame. So don't set the value below 20. The units are miliseconds. <PARAM NAME="show_time" VALUE="1500"> Its possible to let the applet wait a while before starting at the next conversion. This is usefull if you want to display the finished picture. Also miliseconds here 1500 = 1.5 seconds <PARAM NAME="loop" VALUE="true"> You can let the applet loop throught the pictures. But you also can let it stop at the last picture. <PARAM NAME="image_1" VALUE="image1.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="image_2" VALUE="worf.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="image_3" VALUE="data.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="image_4" VALUE="spock.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="image_5" VALUE="Duiker.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="image_6" VALUE="Baars.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="image_7" VALUE="comptest.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="image_8" VALUE="comptest2.jpg"> <PARAM NAME="image_9" VALUE="comptest3.jpg"> These are the images used. Its starts couting at one and there is no maximum. Only jpg and gif are supported. Feature : The images are loaded just before they are needed to speed up the starting time. <PARAM NAME="load_string" VALUE="Un petit moment SVP"> If you want the loading message in another language use this tag. Otherwise just omit it. <PARAM NAME="licensed" VALUE="/f<VGZv,I^Q"> Because I also want to earn a little out of my work I added a licensed tag. The applet will work with an incorrect value. An unregistered message will be displayed at the browsers status bar on mouseOver. How to register see "How to Register" later on. </APPLET> The browser should know where the applet tags end. Thats where this last tag is for. How to register: The license fee is US 25.-- dollars or 25 Euro. Cheques , money order , cash all permitted. RJHM van den Bergh,Aldenhof 67-24,6537 DC NIJMGEN,NETHERLANDS BANKCODE: ING BNL 2A , BANKNAME: Postbank NV, CITY OFFICE: Arnhem,Country Netherlands NL MENTION : for account nr. 2839775 (RJHM van den Bergh). Don't forget to send me an email with our : url and email address. I need to know where to send the registration key.
UPDATES : BUGS: We are very interested in your bug reports. Its practically impossible to test the applet on all browsers versions and operating systems. SO IF YOU FIND A BUG PLEASE REPORT IT. If you can please describe the bug as detailed as possible. Browser version , operating system and or content of the java console can be usefull. BugFix: A NullPointerException was reported. This only occured when the applet was started from the local disc drive. Only Netscape 4+ with Windows 95/98 where involved. The cause was a bug in the new security features of Netscape 4+ Because of that the ImgShow.jar was added for demo purposes. This bug only occured when the applet starts from your local harddisk. Applets placed on the internet aren't involved.
RJHM van den Bergh