Image Show Version 2.x
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Used to remove unregistered message at browsers status bar.

Free to use on NON-Commercial private personal homepages.
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Disclaimer: "Use is at own risk !"

< Instruction file >

html tags used for this applet on this page

<APPLET CODE="ImgShow.class" WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="340">
 <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#000000">
 <PARAM NAME="border_size" VALUE="20">
 <PARAM NAME="border_outside_color" VALUE="#0">
 <PARAM NAME="border_inside_color" VALUE="#A0A0A0">
 <PARAM NAME="number_of_frames" VALUE="35">
 <PARAM NAME="delay_between_frames" VALUE="100">
 <PARAM NAME="show_time" VALUE="1500">
 <PARAM NAME="loop" VALUE="true">
 <PARAM NAME="image_1" VALUE="image1.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="image_2" VALUE="worf.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="image_3" VALUE="data.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="image_4" VALUE="spock.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="image_5" VALUE="Duiker.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="image_6" VALUE="Baars.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="image_7" VALUE="comptest.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="image_8" VALUE="comptest2.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="image_9" VALUE="comptest3.jpg">
 <PARAM NAME="licensed" VALUE="/f<VGZv,I^Q">

Trouble shooting :

First look at the JAVA CONSOLE of your browser.
It mostly can be opened using one of the pull down menus.
On some Ms Explorers you will have to enable the console first.