FallingStars Version 2.0

The source code for this Java applet is for sale. (50 euro)
For this contact sales@comweb.nl
This applet works with Suns and MS Java virtual machine

It has been rewritten as stand alone application instead of an applet.
After that face the stand alone application was rewritten to an applet.

We have also managed to compile the applet to native code for Windows.
This means its available as *.exe file!
The size of this *.exe file is only 52 KB (excluding images and sound files)
(It feeds the Microsoft Java virtual machine with the Java byte code)
(Means that this exe file requires the Microsoft Java virtual machine(JVM) to be installed.)
(Windows XP and later does not by default come with the Ms JVM installed.)
(Microsft seased developing their JVM, which means sun.com JVM is a better choice)
(exe file soes not work with suns JVM)

This software is sold as is.

Download demo:
The applet: http://www.comweb.nl/java/FallingStars/FallingStarsApplet.zip (112 KB)
The exe file: http://www.comweb.nl/java/FallingStars/FallingStarsExe.zip (60 KB)
The source code: For sale sales@comweb.nl

It's allowed to distribute these zip files in unchanged form.
If you put this applet or download on your html page you must add a link to http://www.comweb.nl

The author RJHM van den Bergh sales@comweb.nl
Please wait for the applet to load!