Exodus version 1.0 is a book keeping program.
To use Exodus basic knowledge of bookkeeping is required.
The current version doesn't have all features build in.

Current main advantage that journal posts can be imported in a spreadsheet.
Journal posts are stored in a file journals.log as a comma separated file.
Tip: After that you can sort them and build your ledger in the spreadsheet.

Other current features included are:
Account numbers and sub-numbers are supported but optional.
Balance and Profit and Loss output.
Simple manual journals can be made.
There is a setup wizard when on first startup.
Accounts can be also added after the setup.
There is an automated install file for Windows(98,NT,WK2,XP,Me,Vista) that can be downloaded.
(See bottom of page)

Features that are planed to be added:
Searching of journal posts.
Account view.
Calculator module (already partly build)

Currently the project halted due to problems with JTable.
I got errors coming from inside Java's JTable source code.
JTable is to complex, and because of that gives to much complications.
Besides that I think it not follows the Java object orientated philosophy.
You can't project JTable to a real world situation.
So implementations of JTable are omited from my source code.

I found a wrapper on the Internet that will install the Java language if needed.

The current version is a beta.
It is released to get feedback and suggestions from future costumers.
Although I think the program works well no claims are accepted.
So in short the use is at your own risk.


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