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This applet does get the starting time from the server.
For that it queries the http port.
This implicitly means that it only works if placed on the internet.
On a server operating system like the one your provider uses.
W95/98/NT workstations don't have a http port.

It does not automaticly correct for summer and winter time

Instructions :
1 Add the applet tags in your html page.
2 Edit the applet parameter tags.
3 Upload the files:
- your html page
- the Clock4.class file (in the same directory !)
- your background Image (either jpg or gif )
- test it , if needed adjust the timezone parameter.

Debugging :
1: Class not found Exception
Check if the Clock4.class file is there by typing the url to it.
If the browser returns a 404 file not found then it isn't there.
The Clock4.class file must be in the same directory as the html page !!
Check the letter casing in the html source.
2A: Set the applet debug parameter true.
2B: Open and or enable the Java console of your browser.
Look at what is printed on it.
Send the output and your url to support@comweb.nl
You can do this by using the clipboard.
(ctrl^a = select all ,  ctrl^c = copy to clipboard , ctrl^v = paste)

The applet tags:
<APPLET CODE="Clock4.class" WIDTH="290" HEIGHT="200">
Applet starting tag.
Don't set a path with the code attribute !
Width and height size of the applet should match to the background picture siz

<PARAM NAME="font" VALUE="Helvetica,bold,26">
Font used by the applet.
Most browsers do support TimesRoman and Courier also.
If not it will use the browsers default font.
Possible is plain, bold , italic, bold&italic.
Last number is the pixel size.

<PARAM NAME="font_color" VALUE="red">
Applet supports some font names not all.
Also it support the hex rgb notation like #00FFAC

<PARAM NAME="x" VALUE="137">
<PARAM NAME="y" VALUE="165">
By default the applet will center the time string.
With these tags you can place them somewhere else.

<PARAM NAME="shadow_color" VALUE="gray">
<PARAM NAME="shadow_x" VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME="shadow_y" VALUE="1">
These are used to let the time string drop a shadow.
If shadow_x and shadow_y are 0 then there will be no shadow visible

<PARAM NAME="background" VALUE="clock3.gif">
The background picture , either jpg or gif.
Should be the same size as the applet.

<PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="black">
A applet background color.
In case no background image is used.

<PARAM NAME="timezone_seconds" VALUE="-72000">
To adjust the time.
The http port should return the GMT time.
That's the time in Great Britain on the place Greenwich.

<PARAM NAME="license_code" VALUE="alpha-station.com|100544622">
License code if not correct an unregistered message is displayed on the status bar.

<PARAM NAME="debug" VALUE="true">
To print some additional information on the browsers Java console.

Applet ending tag.

License information:
US $25.-- for one site.
US $35.-- for ten sites.

Cheques, money order and cash are accepted.
Currently it isn't possible to process credit cards.

RJHM van den Bergh
Aldenhof 3090
IBAN: NL 72 PSTB 0008 3591 63
BIC (=swiftcode): PSTBNL21
Account: 8359163

BANKNAME : Postbank NV
Also send a message so I know where the money is for.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.comweb.nl/java/Clock4/Clock4.zip

Questions comments and suggestions to support@comweb.nl
Copyright: RJHM van den Bergh/Comweb.nl