Reads the time from the providers computer
This way the exact local time can be displayed.

Java clock applet.

Purpose :
The purpose of this applet is to display the local time and location your company.
This can be done by geting the time from your providers computer.

Features :
- Read time from servers time port.
- Read time from a CGI script.
- Server time is only red once at startup for synchronization.
. (Only ONCE for synchronization , we don't want to stress the providers computer.)
- If everything fails it also can determine the local time using the clients system.
- Offcourse the place of the text , font type style and color can be configured.

Download :
- The files are zipped.
- Includes an html example and instruction file.
- A perl CGI script is also added.

Instructions :
You can see the instruction file also online.
The Instruction.html File

Copyright :
- It may be used for free on NON-COMMERCIAL PRIVATE HOMEPAGES.
- For any other use or distribution rights contact the author.

Version improvements :
- The applet now calls the CGI script itself using.
. This is done by sending a get to the server http port.

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