Java Clock applet 1.17


the computer system clock time
System clock broken on Netscape 4.0betta

The time in the Netherlands
Greenwich Mean Time + 1 hour. (GMT +1 hour)

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Features with this applet : a : This applets displays the time on your computer. b : Many kinds of borders can be set. The border is optional . c: The outside color of the border can be set. also the inside color of the border can be set. d: The size of the border can be set . e: The background color of the applet can be set or you can use an background image for it. f: The color of the text can be set. g: The size of the text can be set. h: You don't have to set the fontsize If you don't set it the applet will automaticly calculate the optimal size. i: The type of leter can be set such as bold plain , italic or bold and italic. j: Also you can try to select a font. k: The applet will automaticly center the text. l: But you also can set it manualy.
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