Description: A date picker tool.
CalendarPanel subclass of JPanel with JButtons and JTextFields added.
It purpose is to select a date.
For that it uses the GregorianCalendar.
It has a public JButton that you can add to a listener of your own Java program.
In that listener you can ask the selected date from public String getSelectedDate().
Of course you can adjust CalenderPanel how you want.

This demo uses a JApplet with a JDialog that contains the CalendarPanel.
CalenderPanel uses generics which means Java 1.5 or higher is required.
If you omit the generics it should compile with older versions.
The latest Java (JRE or JDK) can be downloaded from:

You can get a copy of the source code for 15 dollar.
For that contact:

Use at own risk no liability accepted.