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Java applet Index:

Please note that some of the applets originate from before 1990.
The techniques used are then often still also from that date.

Nr + applet name  Short description  
 1   AddSign  AddSign adds a moving popup with sound and animated picture to the web page.
 2   AutoJump   No description jet
 3   BrickOut  Little brick out
Move the padle with the mouse and break the bricks.
 4   BubelLtr  Just some animated text (very old applet).
 5   Calculator  A calculator
USE at own risc
 6   Clock  Digital clock for your homepage
Reads time from visitors computer.
 7   Clock2  Digital clock on a map or other background picture.
Reads time from providers computer through CGI or time port.
 8   Clock3  Digital clock
Reads time from the providers http port.
 9   download  Download front end.
Select your downloads
Optional add your email
Press submit.
 10   DownUpBanner  Just scrolls text. (very old)
 11   FallingStars  Shoot them up game (popular)
 12   FishEye  3D effect applet
Simulates a fisheye lens or other effect.
The picture can be a clickable map.
 13   FishEye2  Some 3D effect applet
Several effects possible
 14   Geluid  Plays a simple sound when loaded. (very old)
 15   HomeText  Displays some color changing text on a picture
 16   ImageButton  Button with image and sound.
 17   ImageButtonX  Button with sound and (animated)image.
(needs editing)
 18   ImageShow  Fades series of pictures to background and forth
 19   ImgShow  Image show fades one picture slowly to another.
 20   LineMenu  Menu for left frame
 21   MiniChat2  Chat system with applet and server part.
Get your own private chat applet on your homepage.
(Requires Java chat server installed on your providers computer).
 22   ObjRot  Displays series of pictures
(Which is an rotating object)
Applet is controlled by Javascript
Mouse also directly can control picture
 23   Pano3  Panorama applet version 3
Drag with mouse possible
Some parts of picture clickable.
 24   panora2  Panorama applet version 2
Clickable map
Applet has own status bar.
 25   Panorama  Panorama applet (popular)
Mouse drag possible.
Easy to implement
 26   PanoVert  Panorama applet.
Mouse controlled
Scrolls vertical instead of horizontal.
 27   Password3  Password applet version3
Warning: bad security but better than nothing.
 28   PassWord4  Password applet version 4
Warning: bad security but better than nothing
Cool 3D metal front end! (not swing :-) )
 29   PassWord5  Password JApplet version 5
Warning: bad security but better than nothing
 30   PhotoText  Stupid photo with text and sound applet
 31   PicShow  Picture show
Pictures build up out of blocks
 32   PicShow4  Picture Show V5
Picture byuild out of blocks
Adding colored border possible
 33   PicShow5  Picture Show V5
Builds up pictures out of blocks.
Colored border posible
Jars 25% rated
 34   plane  Old advertisment applet for Parker industries
 35   Reload  Checks every second if a file has changed.
If changed the applet sends the browser to a preset page
For what I made this that time don't ask me.
 36   Rotate  Rotates an image.
 37   RotateImage  rotates an image only 180 degrees
(also scales it)
 38   Scroller  Scrolls a picture in any direction you want
With nice adjustable border
 39   scroller2  Scrolls pictures
Clickable image possible
 40   Scroller3  Scrolls pictures with some effects
 41   ScrollPicture  Scrolls pictures with slidebars
(Needs editing, old event handling system).
 42   Shaking  Shakes a picture
You can click on the picture
 43   StatusScroll  Scrols text on the statusbar of the browser.
 44   SysInfo  Displays some info about browser and used operating system.
 45   TimeStamp  Displays timestamp when visitor entered page.
 46   TopDown  Just scrolls a picture inside a border
 47   UrlSlider  Slides some text where you can click on.
(old applet)
 48   UrlSlider2  Slides some text verticaly.
On the text you can click
 49   UrlText  Fades a line of text
On the text you can click
On mouse over a sound can be played
(old applet)

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