Password 3.x buying page.
Please read the things below carefuly !

What you are buying:
You are buying a registration for password applet version 3.0
This applet is intended for people that have no other means of password protection.
So its wise not to protect valuable things with it.

Do I need to register ?
No: if you are using it on a non-commercial private homepage.
If you lost your registration tag pleas contact
Yes: if you are going to use it in any other ways.

Java password applets used to hide an URL do not give full proof protection.
Such applets can be cracked by people that have some expertise in the Java language.
So don't use it for valuable things.
Because of this the use of this applet is at your own risk.
This product is sold as is.

You can download and test the product before you buy it !
This is a full working version to garantie that our costumer is satisfied !!
A zip file is a archive file which contains several files in a compressed form.
To use it you need to unzip it fist to retrieve the seperate files.
Most Ms. Window users are using winzip.
You can obtain the files seperatly also.
go to
right click on the files to save them to your harddisk.

1: Please be sure to download the product first.
2: We are using a third party service for on-line payment.
4: After payment you will get at our thank you page.
5: The registration tag will be on the thank you page

Info for cash or money-order or cheque:

If you still need more info the contact us by email.