block.gif Linux

 Services running at januari 2001
FTP:-partly a mirror of
Telnet:-Telnet is a remote terminal program
 It allows you to type commands at the LINUX  prompt.
 blocked for most IP addresses.
SSH2:-more secure replacement for telnet.
Tripwire:-Intrusion detection software.
Nesus:-Security scanner.
 used to test security of servers.
 This deamon is normaly not on-line
Sendmail:-Used by the server to send and recieve emails
 Perhaps its a big overkill but it works perfectly
POP3 and Imap4: -Used by clients to retrieve email from this server.
Apache-Program that transmits the Internet pages to the  browsers.
PHP:-Kind of JavaScript but then executed on the server side
 This makes it possible to dynamicly create pages.
 Because its executed on the server side its  browser  independant
Perl:-A programming language mostly used to write  CGI  scripts.
Java:-A programming often used to write networking  programs.
DNS:-We run our own master DNS server and a reverse  DNS  server.

The above list is only a part of the services running.
Besides the comweb server we also have two other Linux servers at our Intranet.

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