Java Applets & Applications

Ever wanted to mail your visitor documents or other files?
With this applet visitors can select a file to be mailed to them.
 Java MXServer
Java & Unix/Linux based MXServer
A mailing system needs to know where to sent its emails.
That's not always the domain/host mentioned at the email address.
This MXServer is a helper program for other applications.
It looks up MX records using the DNS system.
Source code included
 Little BrickOut:
A simple freeware game
Distribution in unchanged form allowed.
The purpose of the game is to break all the bricks.
The game will speed up when all bricks are broken.
 Java Console:
Displays error messages of your application to a console.
It redirects STDERR and STDOUT to a console.
This way your costumer or yourself will have more debugging information when something goes wrong.
Source code included
 Speaking Counter 2.x
This counter also will announce the visitor number through the speaker system.
It can easily be added to your homepage.
It's possible to rewrite this applet so each provider client can have its own counter and sound.
 CardioPan 3
 CardioPan 2
With this applet you can create a virtual tour through a building.
It's a nice add on for selling real estate.
Or for a hotel displaying its rooms.
CardioPan 2 & 3 are almost the same.
But version 2 uses will also work on the very old browsers
 Picture Show 5.x
An on-line picture album.
This is a simple slide show.
The pictures are slowly build up out of blocks.
 FishEye Applet.
Rotates a panoramic picture with 3D effect.
The panoramic picture can also be used as an image map.
Multiple 3D effects are possible.
 Falling Stars Version 2.0
Freeware game.
It may be distributed in unchanged form.
Shoot them up game.
You are the commander of the USS enterprise.
Klingons have increased the gravity of the planet earth.
Because of that you are grounded and can't take off.
But worse stars are falling down and are havocking the planet.
Your mission is to shoot down as many stars and keep alive.
Available as applet and windows native *.exe file.
 MiniChat 2.0
A plain text based java chat.
You can easily add this chat to your homepage.
Just copy and past some tags in your html source.
Source code is available at small price.
This java chat is also available as native windows *.exe file.
 MiniChat 3.0
A plain text based java chat.
You can easily add this chat to your homepage.
Just copy and past some tags in your html source.
Source code is available at small price.
It is a rewrite of version 2 with some small features added.
 MiniChat 4
Under construction
 Panorama Applet 1.x
Scrolls a panoramic picture which can controlled by the mouse.
A very popular applet because it's a lightweight component.
 Panorama 1B
All most identical to version 1.x
But this one can be controlled with JavaScript.
(The JavaScript controls will not work with Ms Explorer on Macintosh.)
(On these systems Microsoft didn't take the trouble of adding the JavaScript to Java applet communication part.)
 AppletMail 2.x
This applet accepts emails and optionally sends a reply back.
To do the job it calls a CGI Perl script on the server.
Uses http post to the CGI script
 Thumbnail javascript
A javascript that opens an enlarged version of thumbnail.
Thumbnails are small images of a larger one.
 Port forwarding
General purpose Java based IP:port forwarding device.
Source code included.


 block.gif (848 bytes) Mini Chat applet version 1.x
This applet requires a Perl script that runs on the server side.
(Will run slow if installed on a heavy loaded server)
 block.gif (848 bytes) Calculator
I hope it calculates correctly.
I should have used RPN internally :-)
 block.gif (848 bytes) Password 3.x applet
-Used to hide the discovery of an URL
-Remembers the last successful entry by setting a cookie.
-Not a full proof protection.
-Meant for people with no other means to protect their pages
 block.gif (848 bytes) Password 4.x applet
-Used to hide the discovery of an URL.
-This is a follow up for version 3.
-It asks the provider's http server software if a file exists.
-Meant for people with no other means to protect their pages.
-(no cookie support)
 block.gif (848 bytes)  A simple Button applet
It can display additional information
on a seperate applet
free ware !! , if you provide a link to us.
 block.gif (848 bytes)  ImageButton X
A multiple button panel.
-supports transparent gifs.
-supports sound
This one internally uses the Java 1.1.x event handling.