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With this applet a visitor can send selected files as attachment to his email address.
For example some folders or documentation files.

1:  DNS lookup for MX records.
Because not al mail must be sent to the domain/host mentioned at the email address. Sometimes mail to must be sent to a host at
2:  Mail bombing protection.
The server remembers the last sent lines for 1 hour. So repeated pressing of the transmit button will not bomb the email address.
3:  Block file for email addresses.
If someone complains about receiving unsolicited mails then just add their email address to this file. It's also possible to just add the emails domain name to it.
4:  The server will only send files if they are mentioned at the allowed_files.txt file.
5:  Output of the SMPT (mail) conversation at the applet status bar.
(It's not real-time; real time will go to fast for the human eye)

1:  Java 1.x installed at the server. (free download
2:  Preferred: Unix or Linux "dig" program which is a bind utility to do DNS lookups.
(Optionally its possible to rewrite the server part to use the MXServer at
(It then will also work on other operating systems).
3:  A java-enabled browser.
(Optionally its possible to replace the applet with a less attractive CGI call)
(For that some small rewriting of the server part is needed)

About US $100.-- depending on the configuration needed.
Hosting of the applet on the comweb server is also an option.
Please contact for this.