Picture Show 5.x Instructions

This applet is ment to display a large amount of pictures.
Each picture can have a link to another page.
Also html frames are supported.
The main advantage: pictures are just loaded before they are displayed.
So it will start displaying soon even if you use a hundred pictures.
This applet did allready won an award best 25% web applet by JARS

The features included:
- every picture can be linked
- html frame support through a seperate tag.
- you can set a test to display on the browsers statusbar on mouse over.
- Several colors can be set
- Several timings can be set : Build time, time the completed picture is shown.
- Multi colored border (optional)
- Random picture display (optional)
- Display each picture once or loop
- The number of horizontally and vertically blocks can be set.
- Optional status bar at the applet itself.
- And some more..

How to install:
Basicly applets are very simple to install.
- All you need to do past the applet tags in your html page.
- Then edit the Applet parameter tags so it fits your need.
- Then put all the files into one directory.
- Double click on the html file to test.
- If it fits your needs put it on the Internet.
This means putting ALL the files in one big directory on your providers computer.
Note: that UNIX computers are case sensistive!
Note: Applet paramater names are also case sensitive.

The applet tags:
<APPLET CODE="PicShow5.class" WIDTH="210" HEIGHT="210">
This is the applet starting tag.
It tells the browser the name of the applet program and the size.
It doesn't tell the browser where to find the applet program.
The browser assumes its in the same directory.

<PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#000000">
This is used to set a background color for the applet.
Applets aren't transparent.
This applet doesn't understand color names.
The value is an RGB color notation (should start with #)
The first two digits represent the color red.
The middle two the color green.
The two right most digits the color blue.
Decimal numbers do have a range from [ 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ]
Hexadecimal numbers have a range from [ 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F ]
#FF0000 = red
#990000 = some darker red
#00FF00 = green
#FFFFFF = white
#9900FF = a mixture of red and blue

<PARAM NAME="picture_1" VALUE="pic1.gif">
<PARAM NAME="picture_2" VALUE="pic2.gif">
Well this are the pictures starting from one up
You can add as many as you like
Applets do support gif and jpg pictures

<PARAM NAME="picture_show_time" VALUE="3500">
Well this is the time in miliseconds the completed picture is shown.

<PARAM NAME="noloop" VALUE="false">
<PARAM NAME="random" VALUE="false">
You have a choise of displaying all pictures only once (noloop=true)
or continously loop through the pictures (nuloop=false)
Also you can change the order by setting random=true

<PARAM NAME="blocks_horizontal" VALUE="8">
<PARAM NAME="blocks_vertical" VALUE="8">
<PARAM NAME="block_delay_time" VALUE="5">
These tell the applet how many blocks to use
and how fast they should be drawn.
Again the time here is miliseconds.

<PARAM NAME="superbar" VALUE="false">
<PARAM NAME="display_superbar_allways" VALUE="false">
<PARAM NAME="superbar_bgcolor" VALUE="#C0C0C0">
<PARAM NAME="superbar_text_color" VALUE="#000000">
This applet has an option to display a one line status bar on the applet.
It use it when superbar=true
Normal it will only display on mouse over
To change this set display_superbar_allways to true
superbar_bgcolor is used to set the background color of this bar.
superbar_text_color is used to set the text color of it
Note: This applet only knows RGB color notation , doesn't understand color names.
For more on this see the "bgcolor" parameter.

<PARAM NAME="border_size" VALUE="20">
<PARAM NAME="border_color_outside" VALUE="#000000">
<PARAM NAME="border_color_inside" VALUE="#C0C0C0">
Well a border is nice
This applet supports multi color borders
Think these tags are quit simple , just play a little with them.
Also see the "bgcolor" paramter it describes color settings

<PARAM NAME="url_1" VALUE="test.html">
<PARAM NAME="bar_1" VALUE="to test.html">
<PARAM NAME="target_1" VALUE="_blanc">
<PARAM NAME="url_2" VALUE="somePage.html">
<PARAM NAME="bar_2" VALUE="just a page.">
<PARAM NAME="target_2" VALUE="bottom">
<PARAM NAME="url_3" VALUE="http://alpha.comweb.nl">
<PARAM NAME="bar_3" VALUE="Thats us">
<PARAM NAME="target_3" VALUE="_top">
Well these are importand tags when you want to link the pictures
You also can omit any of these
Also you can use as many
Think they are quit obvious
For example:
url_2 sets an url(page link) on picture number 2.
bar_2 changes the description displayed on the browser statusbar.
target_2 is used to set an html frame for the url.
You can omit each tag seperatly
(Displaying a message on a non linked picture

<PARAM NAME="CABBASE" value="PicShow5.cab">
This is a special tag.
Cab files are only used by the Ms Explorer browsers
They are a kind of archive file just as zip files are.
So this speeds up the applet loading for Ms Explorer

<PARAM NAME="license" VALUE="ABCD|498734">
Well I need to go on vacation from time to time
Getting a rest from all the hard work I'm doing for you
When this tag isn't correct the applet will display an unregistered message at start up
But it will fully functional

This simply is the applet ending tag
Don't forget it

Word of the author:
O hello :-)
The document asumes that you have a little knowledge about the Internet.
It asumes you know how to put a file on your providers computer.
I hope that you have fun with the applet
If you encounter problems let me know , most likely I can solve it.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Trouble shooting:
- Check the browsers Java console , the applet does print error messages on it.
- Check the letter casing of the filenames amd applet parameters.
(Don't change the letter casing of the *.class file !!)
- Did you upload ALL files: cab, class, and pictures ?
Try typing the URL to them on your browser.
For example: http://www.nedernet.nl/~rvdb/Clock.class (404 file not found ?)

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All Rights Reserved.