PassWord 4.x applet

Setup example 2:

The previous example didn't use password file names.
This one does use password file names.
I'll first explain how a password file name looks like.
After that I'll explain how to change the previous example 1 into this setup.

There are several ways to setup a password file.
The simplest way is to setup a file for each user.
It's also the fastest way.


_blanc is here the html frame name.
You could replace it with the frame name you are using.

A better way is to do this


I described why this is better at the "section hacker at work."

This way you can also add multiple users into one password file.
You don't have to but its possible.

In this case it will look like:


You can create a password generator from this applet.
It's described at section "How do I encrypt the password".
I'll also explain it in this section.

For example the user name is UncleSam (case sensitive!!)
The filename of the password file is secret.htm
Then the result is Z02I0d9Gd6
I did create a password generator by setting
<PARAM NAME="is_password_calculator" VALUE="true">
and omitting this tag
<PARAM NAME="password_echo_character" VALUE="x">

Converting example 1 to setup 2.
Actually you need to change only a very little.
This one needs to be false (it already was false).
<PARAM NAME="is_password_calculator" VALUE="false">
This one needs to be changed to false.
<PARAM NAME="password_is_redirect_url" VALUE="false">
You need to add this one
<PARAM NAME="decrypt_password_file" VALUE="false">
Well that's all to it

For even better security you also can encrypt the password file.
Then change this one to true
<PARAM NAME="decrypt_password_file" VALUE="true">
You can encrypt the password file line by line.

So the complete tags now look
(With password files but not with encrypted password files)

<APPLET CODE="PassWord4.class" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="275">
<PARAM NAME="is_password_calculator" VALUE="false">
<PARAM NAME="password_is_redirect_url" VALUE="false">
<PARAM NAME="decrypt_password_file" VALUE="false">
<PARAM NAME="background" VALUE="display2.gif">
<PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="#00CCFF">
<PARAM NAME="label_bgcolor" VALUE="lightgray">
<PARAM NAME="user_name" VALUE="User name: ">
<PARAM NAME="user_name_y" VALUE="70">
<!--PARAM NAME="user_name_x" VALUE="40"-->
<PARAM NAME="user_name_bgcolor" VALUE="lightgray">
<PARAM NAME="password" VALUE="PassWord : ">
<PARAM NAME="password_echo_character" VALUE="x">
<PARAM NAME="password_y" VALUE="105">
<!--PARAM NAME="password_x" VALUE="40"-->
<PARAM NAME="password_bgcolor" VALUE="lightgray">
<!-- enter button -->
<PARAM NAME="enter_up_image" VALUE="enter_up.gif">
<PARAM NAME="enter_over_image" VALUE="enter_over.gif">
<PARAM NAME="enter_down_image" VALUE="enter_down.gif">
<PARAM NAME="enter_y" VALUE="140">
<!--PARAM NAME="enter_x" VALUE="41"-->
<PARAM NAME="enter_bgcolor" VALUE="lightgray">
<PARAM NAME="enter_down_sound" VALUE="">
<!-- clear button -->
<PARAM NAME="clear_up_image" VALUE="clear_up.gif">
<PARAM NAME="clear_over_image" VALUE="clear_over.gif">
<PARAM NAME="clear_down_image" VALUE="clear_down.gif">
<PARAM NAME="clear_y" VALUE="188">
<!--PARAM NAME="clear_x" VALUE="41"-->
<PARAM NAME="clear_down_sound" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="clear_bgcolor" VALUE="lightgray">
<PARAM NAME="error_sound" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="debug" VALUE="false">
<PARAM NAME="denied_page" VALUE="denied.html">
<PARAM NAME="target" VALUE="_blanc">