MiniChat3 Chat system

It is a Java 1.1.x based multi room chat system

Example 1:

1: IP based filtering mechanism for the clients.
It's the same system used on MiniChat2
It allows users to filter out messages from spamming or abusing users.
2: MiniChat2 has a backup system that detects when a user has disconnected.
With a normal disconnection the user sends an exit signal to the server.
But connection can get lost by other reasons like a network failure for example the user switches of his modem.
To detect these kind of thing the client should periodically send an I'm alive message to the server.
When this message isn't received after a certain amount of time then the user is considered disconnected.
3: Logging of room conversations.
4: Three new user levels. : plain users, operators, and administrators.
Operators can kick people out.
Kicking is for a period of two hours.
Administrators can do all things an operator can do but besides kicking an administrator can ban a user.
A banned user can't connect back to the server.
Kicking and banning is done on IP bases.
5: Access control based on IP numbers and or names (using its own allow and deny file)
6: Users now can change to another room.
This is done by disconnecting the user and connecting the person back to the other room.

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This includes source codes for internal use and some documentation.
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Example 2:

Change to it with: "/room=dutch chat"
Change back to public room with "/room=public room"
Show all rooms with: "/rooms"

Example 3:
It's also posible to show only a list of connected users.