What you are going to buy:

MiniChat2 source files client and server side.
-    The right to adjust and edit the server source codes for internal use.
-    Direct reselling or distribution rights of the server source codes are not included.

Server side requirements for the MiniChat2 system.

  1. A full http web server.
  2. Installed Java language 1.1.x or higher.
    This can be downloaded from http://java.sun.com
  3. Permissions to run the MiniChatServer from your system administrator.
    You will need some kind of remote terminal access to start the server.
    (ssh, ssh2 or telnet, or direct access through the keyboard of the system)
    Also note that some providers periodically reboot their server.
    So possibly you need to add the chat to the startup process of the server.

Note: there also is a free *.exe file for NT servers.
This exe file does use the Java Virtual Machine of the Ms Explorer browser.
So that means it should be installed on the server.
This *.exe file is only free if you provide a link to http://www.comweb.nl on the chat page.

Client side requirements for the MiniChat2 system.
  1. An Java 1.02 or higher enabled browser.
  2. TCP/IP Connection to the http server through a LAN or the Internet.

-    We assume you have some knowledge about http, html and java.
-    The use of the source codes is at your own risk.

If you still want to ask some questions first: support@comweb.nl

After credit card payment through paypal you will be sent to a page where you can download a zip file.
A zip file is an archive file that contains the source code including a Ms Word document file.
Your credit card will be charged with US $25.--