Welcome to the MiniChat applet demo:
Sorry your browser doesn't support java , please upgrade
Uses CGI so a cgi-bin directory is required
This is a special configured directory to place your Perl cgi script in.

Use is at won risk !!
This applet isn't suitable for heavy traffic because its CGI based.


1: Place the chat1B.pl script in your cgi-bin.
2: Do a "chmod 755 chat1B.pl" on it from the UNIX prompt.
This will set the right file permissions.
3: Edit the the chat1B.pl script.
There is a line that sets the $chatFile variable.
It should point to a storage file for your chat lines.
4: Create this storage file with echo "" >chatData.txt.
Set the right file permissions "chmod 666 chatData.txt".
Don't give it execution permission !!
5: Put the applet program (MiniChat1B.class) in your home page directory.
6: Past the MiniChat1B applet tags in your html page.

edit the cgi_url applet tag so it points to your cgi script.
edit the license_code applet tag.
7: Place this file in your home page directory.
8: Put the sound file not.au also in the home directory.
9: Test it.
10: If it doesn't work send a message with the bug form

Applet tags:
<applet CODE="MiniChat1B.class" WIDTH="480" HEIGHT="320">
Does tell the browser to load and execute the MiniChat applet.
Should be obvious I think.
<param name="cgi_url" value="http://alpha.comweb.nl/cgi-bin/chat1B.pl">
You must provide a url to your cgi script:
If you don't the applet will try to guess it but there is a big change it guesses wrong
<param name="panel_color" value="#0096B0">
Panel color
Note the applet only support RGB color notations.
Color names are not supported.
RGB color notations do start with a #.
<param name="text_color" value="#000000">
<param name="background_chatdata" value="#C0C0C0">
<param name="background_chatline" value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="background_loginname" value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="background_nickname" value="#C0C0C0">
<param name="show_ip" value="false">

Sets the default displaying of  IP numbers.
You can also turn this on/of with the /ip command.
I recommend setting it to false.
<param name="license_code" value="comweb.nl|59776080">
Some protection because I want to earn something.
applet ending tag

The applet supports also commands starting with an slash.
Type /help or /? to display all options

Special features:
1: spamfilter
/filter=sometext    filters out all lines with sometext.
/filter=sometext    second time it switches this filter of again.
/filter                       displays all text parts used used by the filter
/ip                            toggles the displaying of IP numbers.

Tip: Set the filter to someone's IP to filter his lines.

For one site : US $25.--
For ten sites: US $35.--

For payment see payment_info.htm