FallingStars Version 2.0

The Falling Stars game has been rewritten.

It has been rewritten as stand alone application instead of an applet.
After that face the stand alone application was rewritten to an applet.

We now have a standard way of rewriting applets to stand alone applications.
Because of this the applet now runs in a separate window.

We have also managed to compile the applet to native code for Windows.
This means its available as *.exe file!

The size of this *.exe file is only 52 KB (excluding images and sound files)
Think that beats most of the java to native code compilers.
This *.exe file uses the Ms Explorer (your browsers) Java Virtual Machine.
In short it means it needs the Ms Explorer browser 4.0 or higher.

As with allmost all software the use is at your own risk.
However if you find a bug please report it to us at

You can download this applet here.
http://www.comweb.nl/java/FallingStars/FallingStarsApplet.zip (112 KB)
You can download the *.exe file here.
http://www.comweb.nl/java/FallingStars/FallingStarsExe.zip (60 KB)

It's allowed to distribute these zip files in unchanged form.
If you put this applet or download on your html page you must add a link to http://www.comweb.nl

If you do not want to add a link pay a fee of US $50.-- to Comweb.nl
The payment address stands below.

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mailto:rvdb@comweb.nl (former rvdb@nedernet.nl)

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