Little Brick out:

It's quite easy to add this applet to your html page.
Just add the following applet tags into your html page.
<APPLET CODE="BrickOut.class" WIDTH="480" HEIGHT="320" ARCHIVE="BrickOut.jar">

After that you need to upload this applet to your providers server.
That's normally done with an ftp program.

Next step is to upload the applet programs.
That's the program ending with the .class extension.
Please upload this file as a binary file.
If you do not then there is a big change it will get corrupted.

The applet program also needs to have some sound files.
The sound files it currently uses do all end with the *.au extension.
You will find them also in this zip file.
Sound files are binary files.
Currently at the moment of this writing they are:,,,
Future version perhaps will use more sound files; so check the zip file.

Besides sound the applet does use some images.
These also need to be uploaded.
And as you should have guessed they are binary files.
Currently the applet only uses two images: brick.jpg and brick_background.jpg.
There could be more in a future version.

If you want you can use a your own custom image.
Simply replace it with an image of the same file name.
Please note that the Internet is case sensitive.
The applet will scale the images to fit.

There are also some archive files that will speed up the browser loading.
You need to upload them also as binary files.
They are: BrickOut.jar and


Copyright & disclaimer:
The use of this applet is at your own risk.
You may use it on a non-commercial private homepage free of charge.
Provided that you make a link on that page to
However it's not free on commercial sites.
Commercial sites are sites where money is made, or where people get paid to make it.
Registration of this applet is US $25.-
Payment info can be found at


If you want something changed, distribution rights, or the applet converted to a windows *.exe file contact

Have fun,
RJHM van den Bergh,