Also graphical design
   About: is a small private company focused on the Java language.

We run and maintain our own dedicated server.
This gives us some more flexibility compared to others.
For example we can install any server side application that we want.

Besides Java programming we sometimes do web designing.
If you want we can host your site on our own server.
Multiple mailboxes email forwarding, on-line games etceteras:
A lot is possible because we run our own server
"You name it we can make it."

History: started in 1996 as a private homepage.
Just for fun I started making some free Java applets for private home page builders.
Many of the applets where published by magazines and books on their companion CD-ROM.
We had over 300.000 visitors a year.

The old home page doesn't exist anymore.
The provider Nedernet merged with Sonera, which caused the servers to be dismantled.
So I made a copy of it at
Please note that some of these applets are written a long time ago and aren't maintained anymore.

Our native language is Dutch but we prefer to write in English.

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